If you're tired of the 9-5 grind, you're not alone. According to a recent survey by a job posting website, 83 percent of Americans want to change their career. Working for someone else and making them money just isn't a great way to invest in your own future. A franchise is an excellent opportunity to start working on your own terms, while following a proven path to success. Here are the top franchise trends of 2019 that you may want to consider, and what critical mistake you don't want to make when deciding on a franchise.

Specialized Food Franchises

Franchises like Auntie Anne's and McDonald's still do well and likely always will. However, unless you live in a very remote area, chances are there's already one of these open near you. The market is oversaturated with well-known franchises, and consumers are growing tired of the same options day in and day out.

In 2019, expect to see more specialized food franchises like halal foods and poke bowls. Consumers are looking for food choices that are not only different from what they're used to, but also healthier than the options they currently have and easier to eat on the go. Food franchises that offer new and exciting dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients are likely to do very well in the coming year as Americans become more educated about health in general and work towards making more nutritious food choices.

Boutique Fitness

Gym franchises are well known to be successful, mainly because of the membership model of payment. Membership insures the owner has built in cashflow month to month. However, when selecting a gym franchise to open, you want to consider what each franchise offers that is unique to that franchise. For example, Planet Fitness offers a basic gym, but their monthly rate is low enough to attract even the most seasoned couch potato.

Boutique fitness studios are going to see an increase in 2019 as health gurus are seeking new ways to entice consumers and people continue looking for something new and fresh when it comes to their workout routines. Ballet or exotic dancing-based fitness caters to the female demographic, while kickboxing, indoor rock climbing, and fitness centers with 24/7 access appeal to a wider variety of consumers.

Pet Care

It seems that health and wellness will be driving the majority of successful franchises in 2019, and this extends to furred and feathered family members too. Pet care franchises run the gamut of dog training, pet supplies, pet sitting, pet food, pet grooming, pet exercise, and more. Pet care franchises have a lot of variety and can suit a lot of different types of people -- even people who aren't really pet people. You don't have to love pets to be successful at running a pet care franchise, but if you do, even better!

DIY Creative Art Studios

One trend that you're likely to see more of in the coming year that has little to do with health is the Do-it-yourself or DIY-art studio. Customers come to a class where an instructor teaches how to create a single piece of art -- either a painting, a pottery piece, a wood burned piece, or another type of art. Often, these studios allow customers to bring their own wine to sip while they create, and customers leave feeling empowered, artistic, and with a piece of art they are proud of in tow.

DIY creative art studios are gaining popularity as consumers look for new kinds of entertainment that go beyond movie theaters and bowling alleys.

Thinking of Starting a Franchise? Don't Make This #1 Mistake

If you're considering breaking out of the daily grind and starting to invest in your future, a franchise may be the perfect option. Some people even keep their jobs and build their franchise on the side until the franchise is making enough money for them to resign. However, new franchisees often make a single mistake that in some cases, ends up costing them not only their opportunity but a lot of money too.

They don't consult with a franchise expert before making their investment.

Deciding what franchise to invest in isn't all about just finding a need in your community or opening a poke bowl restaurant because you love poke bowls. The most important aspect -- and the key to success -- is determining what would be the right fit for you. For example, maybe you never thought of a haircutting concept at all. But the startup cost is low, the business plan is simple, and the training is easy. (If you have experience as a beautician, there is a good chance you may not be awarded a franchise. They are not looking for people to cut hair, they want someone who can lead a team). It's a business model that you could do on the side until you can grow the business enough to quit your day job. 

Or, perhaps you have a significant amount of money to invest but you want to keep your weekends free – in which case, investing in a restaurant franchise would likely be the wrong choice for you. If you box yourself in, you could miss the franchise opportunity that would be absolutely perfect for your unique needs.

Tom Scarda is a Certified Franchise Expert and can help you select a franchise that is the right fit for your schedule, what you have to invest, the area you live in, and more. By consulting with a franchise expert, you ensure that you’re setting yourself up for success. Contact Tom today to learn more about how a franchise can help you ditch the 9-5 slump for good.