How The Great Recession Prepared Us for This Pandemic shutdown

Posted by Tom Scarda, Certified Franchise Executive on Mar 31, 2020 8:56:22 PM

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Did you know that every time a franchise opens, it creates an average of 20 new jobs, 10 directly and 10 indirectly through suppliers. All these small enterprises also become tax bases for the state and county in which they operate.  In other words, franchising can help our economy recover from this blow it suffered at the hands of coronavirus.

I say this to give you hope. If you're concerned about your job or industry, you have options.

I may be able to help you explore taking control of your income. I have been preparing for this Pandemic for the past 10 years - since the great recession.

Thank goodness the country’s economic situation is so much better now than it was ten years ago. Yes, the virus is serious and highly contagious. However, it has a limited run. The economic aftermath will be long-lasting, but we are better prepared to handle it as a society today.

During the great recession, the country had no financial cushion. The markets collapsed, and it took more than four years to stabilize.

Now, in 2020, we luckily were enjoying the best economy in recent history. Just two weeks before the stock market crashed and lost 30 percent of its value, it enjoyed the best, highest record closing day in history. Although we lost so much of our gains in March, it only brought it backwards to where it was three years ago, not ten years ago. So yes, it wiped out our recent gains but not the principal. We have something to build on.

In this current Pandemic, a lot like during the great recession, many will lose their jobs. As a franchise consultant back then, I was caught like a deer in headlights. Eventually, I got my footing and was able to help many, many people get into businesses. Frankly, in 2010 and 2011, if you were over 50-years old, it was a real challenge to find employment.

I am ready to help now because of the experience I received 10 years ago. I now have a list of low investment, recession, and Amazon resistant franchise concepts. And yes,  I also have a list of Pandemic resilient businesses that are operating and thriving today through this coronavirus shutdown. Those companies are hiring people and helping their communities right now.

Here is a video explaining the franchise landscape of today: Navigating Change and Franchising: Pandemic Edition


Down side? These businesses are not sexy. They are a need rather than a want.

During the great recession, many people waited for the storm to pass. However, the storm went on for years, and people lost their livelihood. Do something now for yourself and your family. Allow me to teach you how to dance in the rain.

If you're open to a short conversation, we can help you figure out pretty quickly if franchising is right for you and your family's future. 

If we talk, one of three things will happen:

  1. You will realize, based on facts, that franchising is NOT for you
  2. I may see issues that would preclude you for being successful in a franchise and tell you to not go down this road
  3. You find the perfect business, buy it and control your income forever

Now is a perfect time. Most of us have time because we are home because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Don't be a deer in headlights when this virus lifts. Be proactive. Let's have a conversation today.

I know what you’re thinking , “what is this investigation going to cost me?”  Nothing ! There is No obligation, No sales, No kidding. 

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