Why a Job? Why a business?

Posted by Tom Scarda, Certified Franchise Executive on Feb 9, 2021 7:45:29 AM

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Some think that in life and work you can have either time or money but you can’t have both. That is not true, especially in franchising. 

After studying business for so long and being involved with great business leaders in the franchise world, I found that you can have both money and time. It all comes down to great business systems. That is what franchising is built on. A tight business model with systems for every aspect of the operation will give the owner freedom and flexibility… and money. I think, that is what we are all looking for.

Did you ever stop to think about why you have an electric drill? When you bought it did you want a drill or did you want a hole? I think a job is like a drill. We don’t really want it. But, we do want the results. Whether you have a job or a business it is merely a mechanism for you to get what you need in your life or a certain result. A business is just another way to get what you want. Another way to think about it is, a job is like a rifle shooting one bullet. A business is like a shot gun. It’s one bullet with many smaller bullets covering a wider area.

Having a job is conventional. Owning a business is almost rebellious. After all, we are taught to go to school and get a job. We are not taught to start a business. That is like coloring outside the lines.

In business, many times, there is a significant amount of money left over at the end of the month to enjoy more of the special things in life. Not just material items but things that matter most, freedom and time with family and friends. 

As you may have heard before, one thing you never hear from someone in their final days is, ‘I wish I spent more time in the office.’

Being a business owner is not your final destination. Because a well-run business will give the owner the benefits of time and money, which enables the owner to do other things. Whether it is being a consumer and paying money for boats and cars and planes or taking long vacations, it’s the results that are important to you are the only thing that matters.

So, a job has its results too. A paycheck and maybe health benefits, is what many workers are after. A job enables you to make a living. However, a business helps the owner to live a life. It just comes down to a choice. 

And it is NOT the choice between business A or Franchise B. The ultimate decision is the choice between unhappiness and uncertainty.

Unhappiness is trading your time and your life for money. Uncertainty is trading perceived safety for joy, happiness and freedom. There is no right or wrong. It’s just a choice and a different path.


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