What are the Best Franchises for Military Veterans?

Posted by Tom Scarda, Certified Franchise Executive on Feb 14, 2024 8:30:00 AM

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One of the most daunting challenges returning veterans face is the struggle to find purpose and meaning in an ordinary world back at home. In the military, every action is part of a larger mission; every sacrifice is made to serve a more significant cause. But upon returning home, veterans sometimes find themselves adrift, searching for a sense of belonging and direction. For many Vets, owning a franchise has helped answer that struggle.

Being a franchise owner is being part of a much bigger team. All the team members or franchise owners share a more significant purpose toward building the brand to a national level. Every franchise owner works to make their units hum. And with every well-oiled franchise unit, a bigger, more prominent national brand begins to take shape. That is the mission at hand. As a franchise owner, the returning veteran knows that their business decisions and leadership are affecting their business and the national brand at the same time.

Every military mission requires leadership, discipline, adaptability, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, resilience, attention to detail, and risk management skills. Lo and behold, so does owning a franchised business!

Military veterans often possess the same skills, attributes, and experience that franchise companies seek in potential franchisees. Here are some of the top reasons Vets rock the franchise industry:

  1. Leadership: Veterans have often held leadership positions within the military, where they've been responsible for teams, missions, and resources. This experience translates well into managing a franchise, where leadership and decision-making skills are crucial.
  2. Discipline and Work Ethic: Military training instills discipline, dedication, and a strong work ethic in veterans. These qualities are invaluable when it comes to running a business, particularly a franchise, which requires diligence and adherence to established systems and processes.
  3.  Adaptability: Veterans are accustomed to adapting to new environments, situations, and challenges. In the constantly evolving business world, this ability to adapt quickly to market or operational needs changes can be a significant asset.
  4. Problem-Solving Skills: Military training emphasizes problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are essential for overcoming obstacles and finding solutions in the business world. Franchise owners often encounter various challenges, and veterans are well-equipped to handle them effectively.
  5. Collaboration and Teamwork: Veterans understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration to achieve common goals. This mindset translates seamlessly into the franchise environment, where cooperation with employees, fellow franchisees, and corporate support teams is essential for success.
  6. Resilience: Military service often requires individuals to face adversity and persevere through difficult circumstances. Veterans bring a high level of resilience to the business world, enabling them to navigate setbacks and setbacks with determination and resilience.
  7. Attention to Detail: Military training emphasizes attention to detail, which is crucial for ensuring operational efficiency and maintaining quality standards in a franchise business.
  8. Risk Management: Veterans are accustomed to assessing and managing risks in high-pressure situations. This skill is invaluable in business, where decision-making often involves weighing potential risks and rewards.

The combination of these eight skill sets makes military veterans well-suited and sought after for franchise ownership.

For many vets, Franchise ownership is a great solution to make the transition back into civilian life. Moreover, there are many resources to help veterans, from government agencies to the SBA to the franchise industry itself. I can help point out good resources to anyone seeking this sort of information.

In addition, any Veteran who requests it will receive a free copy of my Amazon best-selling book, Franchise Savvy: Six Strategies Pros Use to Pick Top Performing Franchises. It’s the least I can do to say thank you for fighting to allow me to help people in this free country. Just email me your street address at Tom@TheFranchiseAcademy.com.

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